Settling in Fort Lauderdale? Five Must-Know Tips You Should Know

Dubbed “The Venice of America,” Fort Lauderdale is a well-known Florida city on the southeast coast. With its stunning beaches, plethora of entertainment opportunities, and booming arts and cultural scene, Living in Fort Lauderdale is a dream come true for many people. Nevertheless, when moving to a vibrant metropolis with so many areas to explore, it can be quite overwhelming trying to figure everything out. Here is a guide with 5 things you should know before relocating to Fort Lauderdale to help you navigate the city. Check it out!

1. Living Here Is Not That Expensive

With magnificent beaches, fantastic weather, and numerous great city amenities, you can expect the cost of living in Fort Lauderdale to be higher than the state and national averages. However, the cost-of-living index of this area is 118.5, whereas Florida’s is 103.1.

Both figures are greater than the national average of 100. Nonetheless, while this number may appear scary, it is still lower than other Florida towns, such as Miami, which is 122.4. Therefore, life here is not as costly as you might assume.

2. Finding Your Dream Home is Easy

Fort Lauderdale has a wide home inventory. From duplexes and art deco bungalow homes to craftsman-style homes, Fort Lauderdale real estate agent Gilles Rais can easily find something that fits your taste.

The average home listing price in Fort Lauderdale is $521,000. Many of the homes for sale in this city are built to survive hurricanes, which are typical in the state.

3. Renting Is a Solid Option as Well

While buying a home in Fort Lauderdale is the goal for many, renting is also common, particularly for those who are just starting their careers and want to save some money. There are numerous options to consider while looking for a place to rent, ranging from multi-bedroom homes to studio apartments.

The typical monthly rent in Fort Lauderdale for a one-bedroom apartment averaging 959 square feet is $2,700. However, this cost will vary based on factors, such as location, amenities, size, and more.

4. A Foodie’s Paradise

Fort Lauderdale has long been a favorite among foodies, and in recent years, the range of culinary options has increased. You will not only find seafood from local water bodies, but diverse selections are available.

Some of the best restaurants in Fort Lauderdale to explore include Hardy Park Bisto, which serves great sandwiches and salad, as well as New York Grilled Cheese for grilled cheese. And for the popular seafood dishes, visit Sea Watch On the Ocean.

5. There are Plenty of Fun Things to Do

Not only does Fort Lauderdale boast a thriving entertainment scene, and nightlife, there are plenty of fun things to do. You can visit the beaches, such as Las Olas Beach and the Local Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Moreover, you can visit some of the city’s museums to learn about its history. If you have kids, there are several parks you can visit, art galleries, and shopping areas.

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