Reasons Why Natural Lighting is Perfect for Beverly Hills Homes

The luxury capital of the world is the best place to call home if you love warm weather, modern amenities, peaceful communities, and a stunning home. But as you look for Beverly Hills real estate to invest in, are you thinking of how you will light your home? Solariums, screen rooms, sunrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, and glass doors are excellent features that allow natural light to bathe your home in warmth and energy. Below, we review 5 reasons you should consider them for your next home.  

It Is Energy Efficient

As more homebuyers turn to sustainable home solutions, homes for sale in Beverly Hills with tons of natural lighting are an energy-efficient option. Natural lighting eliminates the need for internal lighting and temperature control during the day. Experts estimate that these activities account for 47 percent of your energy usage. This means, cutting at least half of that by relying on the sun for heat and light during the day can significantly lower your energy costs.

Natural Light Has Many Health Benefits

Research shows that human beings are naturally drawn to bright and warm areas because the sun makes us calmer, healthier, happier, and more productive. Natural light, for instance, is known to regulate conditions like Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and lower stress and depression levels. Moreover, natural light is kinder to your eyes and can prevent strain and sleeping problems.

It Can Boost Your Home Value and Aesthetics

There is a reason homes with floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors are a catch on the market – people love tons of light and views of the outside. Choosing or building a home that lets in a lot of natural light gives it that air of outdoor elegance that so many Beverly Hills homeowners want. Architects often use light to make interior spaces pop out and look larger.  In turn, this beauty plus the convenient energy savings can make your home a gold mine in the seller’s market.

You Can Get Much-Needed Vitamin D

Homeowners, including those living in Beverly Hills, spend much of their time indoors. Research estimates that at least 90 percent of our time is spent inside, leaving very little time for being out in the sun. But if you cannot spare the odd hour or two to lounge in the early morning sun every day or catch a sunset, a naturally lit house can supply all your Vitamin D needs while protecting you from direct rays.

Natural Light Discourages Pest and Mildew

Natural light is not just good for your health; it also improves the health of your home. When your home is open, aerated, and open to the sun’s rays, it is less likely to harbor mold and mildew. This keeps it safe and clean for you and your family.

Explore Beverly Hills Homes with Yar Meshkaty

There is a lot to love about living in Beverly Hills and the breathtaking outdoors and weather is just one perk. If you are planning to move to the luxury capital of the world, there is a lot to put in place before you can move into your new home. This is why you need a trustworthy real estate team like Yar Meshkaty Properties by your side. Meshkaty and his team are familiar with the area and can help you find ideal luxury homes in Beverly Hills at your price and with the features you want. Call today to get started.