Thriving in Montclair: Taking Advantage of the Cultural Landscape and Nature

Thriving in Montclair Taking Advantage of the Cultural Landscape and Nature

Situated in New Jersey’s northeastern side, Montclair is a vibrant town that offers equal parts urban sophistication and suburban comfort. Montclair luxury homes are nestled on tree-lined streets amidst a lively cultural scene and old-world architecture. And while the town has enough flair and charm on its own, homeowners can elevate their living experience by incorporating modern amenities into their homes. Below, we review four particular amenities that could take your poolside experience to the next level.

Shade and Resting Areas

Shade and Resting Areas

Many Montclair homes for sale with a pool also have some shade around the pool and you have every reason to add one to yours too. If you have spent any amount of time at the beach, you know that people spend more time around the water than in it. It would be tedious and inconvenient if you had to go back inside every time you stepped out of the pool because there was no shade. To avoid this, and elevate your poolside experience, consider incorporating some trees, pergolas, umbrellas, or cabanas around your pool as well as comfortable seating options.      

Green Spaces

It might not be the beach, but the pool is an excellent place to get in touch with nature. And with more and more homeowners going green, there is no reason your pool area should not include some green spaces. To this end, you can create a resort atmosphere around your pool by landscaping it and planting some shrubs, ornamental grasses, flowers, and multi-stem trees. The greenery will break the visual monotony of bare concrete and purify the air around your pool for a more relaxing experience.  

Different Materials, Textures, and Colors

If you are making your pool and poolside more appealing to the eyes, experiment with different materials, textures, and colours in your design. The idea is to make this outdoor space more inviting by breaking the cold stark look of plain concrete. Depending on where your pool is located and your personal taste, use porcelain, wood decking, artificial turf, speciality tile, or coloured concrete pavers to enliven the surface. In the seating area, play with couches, cushions, vases, and more.

Outdoor Kitchen and Serving Area

Just as you wouldn’t want to step into the house every time you stepped out of the pool, you may not want to interrupt your pool session to grab a snack or a meal. An outdoor kitchen and serving area is a great way to elevate your experience and turn your pool into an entertainment area. Consider the amount of space you have, and then look into an outdoor grill or extended kitchen with modern appliances and a serving station where you can enjoy your favourite meals out in the fresh air.  

Explore The Montclair Market with The Wright Group

Montclair boasts breathtaking natural beauty and a rich cultural landscape with a thriving art and restaurant scene. But very few things will draw buyers to your home better than chic modern amenities. As you elevate your pool to meet buyers’ needs or raise your property’s value, contact local listing specialists The Wright Group to discuss your home equity. With decades of experience in the Montclair real estate market and exceptional sales expertise, The Wright Group experts can help you tell your home’s story in the best possible ways.