Avoid Flood Restoration Scammers: How To Get Quality Service

Avoid Flood Restoration Scammers How To Get Quality Service

Though they’re an essential and often readily available service, flood restoration services are often built differently. Dealing with the aftermath of immense water damage is never easy. To make things worse, it can be made even more difficult by the presence of scammers looking to take advantage of homeowners in distress.

As with any other service industry, flood restoration scams can be unfortunately common. They can leave those who fall prey to them with shoddy workmanship, hidden costs, and a lot of frustration. However, there are steps you can take to avoid these scams and get quality restoration services.

In this article, we’ll discuss seven ways to ensure you’re hiring a reputable and reliable flood restoration company.

Insist on a Personal Inspection

One of the first things you should do is to insist on a personal inspection of your property. Scammers often offer quotes without ever seeing the damage in person, which is why this step is crucial.

Without it, hiring them can result in inaccurate assessments and opaque costs. A reputable company will readily send a representative to your property to assess the damage and provide an accurate quote.

Scan Quotes for Hidden Costs

If you have multiple options for local service providers, compare their packages. Demand detailed quotes and compare the cost breakdown. When you receive a quote, be sure to carefully scan it for hidden costs.

Some scammers may offer a low initial quote, only to tack on additional charges later in the process. Make sure the quote you receive is comprehensive and includes all necessary services and materials. Rather than haggle, look for which services are more or less necessary at the moment.

Determine Their Equipment

Flood restoration requires specialized equipment, including fans, dehumidifiers, and water extraction machines. That’s why trustworthy restorers will go out of their way to advertise their gear.

Ask the restoration company about the equipment they use and make sure it is up-to-date and properly maintained. Scammers may use outdated or incorrect equipment, which can result in shoddy workmanship and additional damage to your property.

Get as Much in Writing as You Can

To protect yourself and ensure quality service, get as much as you can in writing. This includes the quote, the scope of work, and any guarantees or warranties. Having everything in writing ensures that there are no misunderstandings and provides legal protection in case anything goes wrong.

Seek Credible References

Ask the restoration company for references and be sure to follow up on them. Tenable references can provide insight into the quality of the company’s work and customer service. You can also check online reviews and ratings to get an idea of the company’s reputation.

Consult Government Resources

Your government offers a number of resources to help homeowners deal with floods and find reputable restoration companies. Check with your local government agency for information on flood restoration guidelines and recommendations.

Examine Insurance Details

If you have flood insurance, be sure to examine the details of your policy before hiring a restoration company. Some policies may require specific restoration procedures or limit the amount of coverage for certain services. Ensure the company you choose is experienced in working with insurance companies and can help you navigate the claims process.


When you’re recovering from the aftermath of a flood, the key is to manage stress appropriately and look for appropriate solutions. However, as we’ve underlined, sometimes approaching professional health will require caution on your end. The last thing you need is to fall victim to a flood restoration scam.

By following these seven tips, you can ensure that you’re hiring a flood restoration company that will provide quality service. Ultimately, you can feel confident in your choice of a flood restoration company and focus on getting your life back to normal.