Top Questions To Ask Any Vinyl Flooring Company For Your Property

Vinyl Flooring


The hardwood or LVT flooring for your commercial space or design project has been chosen and now needs to be installed. The next step is to hire a qualified commercial flooring contractor to ensure the installation is as quick and easy as possible. Asking someone in your network, your flooring manufacturer, or contacting professional Vinyl Flooring Companies in Philadelphia is the best way to find a first-class commercial flooring installation.

Question 1: Do you have enough insurance?

Flooring installers have insurance coverage; any employee or contractor must cover these risks if a problem occurs during the flooring installation, including the installation itself, damage to the surrounding area or injury. You may be responsible for all expenses if the flooring contractor you choose does not have insurance.

Question 2: Can you provide references? How long have you been installing LVT and hardwood?

Unlike other flooring installation types, installing LVT and hardwood requires a different experience. Ask the flooring installer for references and a list of projects they’ve done, ideally with photos, to ensure you have the needed experience. You can visit these projects if they are close enough for you to drive.

Question 3: Since installing LVT and hardwood flooring requires different subfloor preparation, what is your experience in these areas?

Although the installation of LVT and hardwood can be very simple, the floor’s life depends on the quality of the subfloor preparation. The best commercial flooring installer knows how to assess and prepare the subfloor’s condition before installing the floor, as faulty subfloors are more likely to occur in remodeling projects than in new construction. Unlike hardwood, which is attached with glue, staples, or simply laid flat, LVT is installed using glue, loose-lay, or firm-core click methods.

The Final Verdict:

Asking various questions will help you decide when to choose Vinyl Flooring Companies Philadelphia for your home. You can learn more about the vinyl flooring they offer, installation methods, warranties and their experience by asking questions about the company and its products. By doing so, you can trust the vinyl flooring company of your choice and rest assured that your home is getting the best support and products.