Tips To Choose A Skirting Board For Your Home

If you have been renovating your house for the very first time, you wouldn’t know much about the design of the space where you are living. Hence, you might not know everything about skirting boards. A skirting board is a board that runs along the bottom of an interior wall. Hence, it turns into the junction between various materials of construction. Skirting boards seem to be important to shield the base of the walls from various kinds of damage, such as marks that young children and pets make, furniture scrapes, shoe scuffs, etc. Hence, these boards work to hide untidy or uneven joints.

The creation

A skirting board is commonly created from MRMDF or Moisture Resistant Medium Density Fibreboard, oak, pine, cedar, and other timber that goes well with the décor of a home. You will find skirting boards in various styles that include Colonial, Victorian, Late Edwardian, Federation, etc. People choose a style according to the style or profile of their walls. People choose a thin or thick skirting board according to their personal preference. When they opt for a modern look, they look for 15-millimeter or 18-millimeter thick skirting boards, and they would be perfect for them.

Some prerequisites

When you shop for skirting boards, you need to choose ones that would complement the designs of your house aesthetically. These boards must tick the needed practicality boxes too. The skirting boards were originally designed to hide the opening between the floor and the wall, and they worked to shield the wall from various things. When you have wooden floors, you must opt for skirting boards because of the contraction and expansion on the flooring besides the natural movement.

Skirting boards are becoming more prevalent in new buildings as they put pipework and electrical cables into these boards. They propose easy and smooth access. With time, skirting boards are turning into a functional feature in countless homes. Today, skirting boards have turned more than a functional feature only as they are found with various moldings and are obtainable in different materials. The most surprising thing is wooden skirting continues to remain the most popular option for people. You will find many variations within the category of wood. You can take your pick from various kinds of wood, various finishes, etc.

The height 

When you decide on a skirting board, you need to consider its height. There should be consistency all throughout the property. Different heights do not look good; hence, when you redo the skirting of the entire house or when you are building a property, you need to consider the height of your house’s walls. If the walls are higher, the boards too will be higher. Additionally, you must think about whether you need a thin or thick skirting board.

A subtle look

You can’t deny the importance of skirting boards, and they are hugely used for masking the weaker plaster that is at the bottom of the wall. When it is an old home, then these boards are used to hide the effects that rising dampness causes. Based on your style, you might find the trim to be sitting against the wall flat. So, it will create a highly unobtrusive and subtle look.